In December of 1984, about a week after I purchased a 1940 Cadillac sedan, I was driving around thinking about times
gone by, particularly the time before and during World War II. Suddenly I heard the Lord say to me, very softly, “It’s
1940 and Pearl Harbor is coming up for the Church.” I thought about betrayal, warfare, death and awakening! I prayed
to the Lord about it and He began to reveal to me more about Pearl Harbor. He reminded me of a scene from the film
Tora Tora Tora in which one of the Japanese military leaders remarked, after their attack on Pearl Harbor, “I fear all
we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” I thought about the Church finally
waking up to her true condition. I thought about the terrible price our country paid, in the 1940’s to wake up to the
realities of the world political situation. The price was human life, suffering, and destruction. But we did wake up. I
thought about December 8, 1941 when we declared war against the Axis powers. Before that time we were sending
arms, supplies and money to our allies, but we were not sending men to help fight. We watched China, the Pacific
Islands, France and much of Europe fall to Germany, Italy, and Japan, but we were not personally affected so we did
not enter the warfare. It took a catastrophic event to wake us up.

I prayed about and meditated on what I had heard until May of 1985, when I again heard from God during a baptismal
service in our Church. The person to be baptized was an older lady who was quite concerned, even a little frightening,
about being fully immersed. But she, after fifty years of disobedience and rebellion against God, desired to be baptized
for the first time. Right before I was going to enter the water with her, a message in tongues came forth from my wife.
The Lord gave me the interpretation by means of the following vision. This vision describes a future time of great
hardship and great blessing for the Body of Christ.

He showed me a deep harbor with blue-green water that was clear and calm. There was a Person in the water. This
Person was not swimming or standing, but just floating in an upright position. He was motionless, like a sailing ship
listing on a windless sea. Many Japanese Zero aircraft came in from the east and proceeded to dive-bomb and strafe
the body in the water and the body began to slowly sink. Eventually the body was entirely under the water. As He went
down, I could see that there were many little people on this Body. As this Body sank deeper into the water, many of
these small people jumped off just before they were about to enter the water. There were thousands of people jumping
off and swimming away from this slow but steadily sinking Body. Some of these people jumped onto beds, which the
Lord made clear to me were beds of adultery, and floated away off to the left. Others jumped onto whiskey bottles and
paddled away; still others jumped on books, while others swam off on their own strength. All of the people were
floating, swimming or paddling in the same direction. I looked over in that direction, which was to my left, and I saw an
extremely beautiful, gigantic woman, with skin and clothing of a deep reddish purple hue standing solidly on the harbor
floor. She stretched out her arms toward the sinking Body and got the attention of many as she very sweetly,
seductively, and sincerely called out, “Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you WHAT

The people who were jumping off were in a panic, like rats leaving a sinking ship. Some scurried to higher ground on
the Body, going from the shoulders to the ears and finally jumping off the top of the head right before it went under. It
was clear that THEY DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE THIS BODY, but it was equally clear that they were not going down
under the water with it either. The Body now was completely under the water, sinking steadily toward the bottom.
Some of the little people hung on as it sank, but after a few seconds of holding their breath, they gave up, swam for
the top, gulped a mouth full of air, and swam off toward the woman.

The apparently lifeless Body sank deeper and deeper into the clear blue-green water. As it sank I could see at the
bottom of the harbor a beautiful, large, perfect pearl - obviously of great value. It was supernaturally large and
beautiful, lustrous, pure and round. As I watched, I could see the Body change shape from that of a single being, with
little people desperately hanging on it, to many little individual people swimming deep enough to get to this beautiful
Pearl. As they went deeper, many chose to quit and swim to the surface for air and life and then go over to the
beautiful woman. All who quit diving eventually swam over to the beautiful woman.

Finally, I saw a number of these small people swim to the Pearl and touch it, and embrace it. But to do this, everyone
who dove down reached a point when they realized that their own natural ability to hold their breath and dive deeper
would not be enough. Those who dove down and touched this Pearl all came to understand that they would have to
expend all of their natural strength before they touched and embraced the Pearl of Great Price. This did not keep them
from diving down though, because the closer they got to the Pearl, the more of His beauty they saw.

I saw many touch and embrace the Pearl and then immediately shoot straight up. As each of these little people shot up
from the floor of the Harbor, each had the Pearl. As this group of individuals rose higher and higher, they all became
one Body again. By the time these Pearl-laden people reached the surface they burst forth from the waters as one
Body, the Body of Christ. These people were manifestly His own possession and they in turn possessed the Pearl of
Great Price, Jesus Christ Himself.

As the Lord was showing me this beautiful picture, He spoke to me and said, “Even as Jesus came out of the waters
of baptism, so My Body will come out of Pearl Harbor with a new and powerful anointing of My Holy Spirit, and a new
and deadly power to fight the enemy.” He said that there indeed would come upon the Church of Jesus Christ a Pearl
Harbor experience like the United States experienced on December 7, 1941. He said that when the Body of Christ
begins to sink under the water, because of a soon-coming, devastating attack of the enemy, MANY will choose to
desert our Lord Jesus Christ because they do not esteem the Pearl of Great Price (Jesus Himself) worth the price -
death to their own selfish desires. They will not make the selfless effort of love to dive deeply enough to embrace Him
because they do not love Him more than their own lives. Many will choose not to identify with what they assume is a
defeated individual or group. They look upon themselves as winners and will not identify with a Jesus that is
apparently being defeated. They will choose to identify with the beautiful woman of the harbor who gives them what
they want. As the vision revealed, many who leapt off the sinking Body did so because the woman of the harbor
promised them success. Because of this they went to her. Many others did not feel that it was necessary to pay such a
high price to apprehend Jesus, and they felt that the beautiful woman would give them Jesus on their own terms.
As the Body of Christ came out of the waters of death, the Lord said that His Body was now fully alive and would fight
the enemy with purpose and real anointing. Also His Body would now use only supernatural weaponry. He spoke so
clearly to me about the weapons. He said, “Even as the United States entered the Second World War using
conventional weapons to fight the enemy, and ended the war with the atomic bomb, a weapon beyond their
comprehension; so My people will begin this spiritual war with conventional weapons in the Spirit, but by the end of
this war to end all wars, they will be using atomic bombs of the Spirit.” The Lord made it clear that we will come out of
the water equipped with God-given anointing to REALLY heal the sick, work miracles, and deliver those in demonic
bondage. He also made it clear that before the warfare ends, we will be moving in a dimension of spiritual warfare that
is unimaginable to us now. We will do greater works than Jesus did and we will see the demon hordes routed like
never before.

After this message in tongues and interpretation was given, my attention turned back to the woman who was to be
baptized. Then the Lord said that the Pearl Harbor experience for His Church would be similar to this woman’s
baptism. I closely watched this baptism to see what the Lord meant. The woman was very nervous and quite afraid of
going under the water. I assured her that she would be all right. After several moments of prayer and a short teaching
on what baptism represented, she was plunged underneath the water. She came out of the water with her hands lifted
up, praising God. I had not told anyone what the Lord told me about this woman’s baptism, because I did not know
exactly what was going to happen. When she recovered her composure, she began to testify about what had just
happened to her. She said that she was extremely fearful at first, but that when she got under the water a Beautiful
Peace swept through her, and all her fear was gone. This beautiful peace became joy as she came out of the water
and she praised God for His great comfort, love and mercy.

I believe that God was showing us that we need not fear what He will put us through. His purpose is to bring us peace,
joy, cleansing and power. He was also showing us that His Church will go through a baptism. It is a baptism of the
Body of Christ. It is a death and a resurrection. We must trust Him to bring us out of this watery tomb of death and into
the glorious resurrection power of His Son. We must understand that a harbor is a place of SAFETY and REFUGE.
God’s people who are involved in these events will need to be safe and protected. The Harbor of the Pearl of Great
Price is the only harbor that will provide refuge and safety, and ALL who truly believe will be more than willing to pay
the price of dying to their own desires.

Pearl Harbor is the death and resurrection of the Body of Christ, being prepared to do His work in His way, with His
heart. It is the final separation of David from Saul - the David Church being purified and separated from the Saul
Church. It is the final AWAKENING blast of the trumpet of God to rouse His people for battle. It is the judgment that
begins with the house of the Lord. It is the refining fire that separates the gold from the dross. It will be preceded by
the Lord dealing with His true people to both survive and desire this final preparation for battle. It is the promise of
unmatched power and purity: power over sin, power over the enemy, power to live a much more virtuous life, and
power to glorify our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Even now, God is dealing
with those in the David Church even as God dealt with David. Whenever David would start to fall asleep to God’s
purity and purpose, the Lord would abruptly DEAL with David to AWAKEN him. God did not waste this kind of effort on
Saul because Saul CHOSE to be asleep to God and His desires.

Pearl Harbor is a warning of betrayal and disaster. The Church in the past has gone through many Pearl Harbors of
betrayal and disaster. Jesus was betrayed and killed and rose again. English Puritans experienced Pearl Harbor in the
early 17th century and survived because they could not obey the law that the Church of England tried to force them to
obey. They fled England and eventually sailed to the New World, where they laid the spiritual foundation for what
eventually became one of the greatest revivals in the history of the world. John Bunyan, wrote Pilgrim’s Progress at
the bottom of the harbor as he was betrayed by his own country and thrown in jail for not attending the services of the
Church of England and for preaching in a way that did not conform to this church’s directive. Had he given in and done
that which they asked he could have been a free man. But for conscience sake he chose not to do so. Because of this
uncompromising obedience to the Scriptures and to God Himself, he was able to rise to the highest place in the history
of Christian literature. Today he still blesses us with the fruit of that resurrection power.

To those who are not awake and prepared, Pearl Harbor will come suddenly and tragically, as thief in the night, and
they will be swept away to Great Deception. To those who are more open to the will of God than they are to pleasing
religious men, it will be an expected ordeal, a call to arms, and a prelude to great victory. The initial stages will be the
harbinger of the greatest move of God in history: the greatest Revival and the greatest manifestation of Christian Unity
that the world has ever known.
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