Across the United States, from many churches and radio and television ministries, over the last twenty-five years, we
have been hearing a cry for Revival! This cry has been the loudest from the Charismatics. They are realizing that
much of the anointing of God is gone from their movement and the culture shaking revival that they have desired has
not yet happened. The plea to pray for Revival has gone forth from the Assemblies of God and Foursquare Churches,
Trinity Broadcasting Network, Promise Keepers and many others. Many Charismatics have periodically prophesied
that just such a move of God was only a year or two away. Even though we have had several outbursts of revival in
Toronto, Canada and Pensacola, Florida, we have yet to see a revival that caused more than a mild stir. The Toronto
Revival had small repercussions in England and America and for the most part attracted men and women who wanted
to experience “holy” laughter. The Pensacola or Brownsville Revival, which was deeper, still had no substantial impact
on the culture of America.

These two moves of God, which certainly touched many in the Charismatic Movement, were essentially Saul revivals.
During this time I visited Pensacola, Florida (home of the Brownsville Revival). I also visited a number of meetings in
the Oregon area that were led by people from the revivals in Toronto and Brownsville. I could not help but notice that
people usually got what they prayed for or desired, and no more. I saw dozens of people at a variety of meetings
answer the preacher’s call to “belly up to the bar of the Holy Spirit.” They would come back with an experience of
laughter that, upon reflection, seemed to change nothing in their lives. Some did not even experience the joy of the
Lord; they just laughed. Even at Brownsville, some just seemed as if they would be satisfied with falling over, and that
was all they got. Others however, during the baptismal services, expressed a deep regret for their lives spent in sin
and an equally deep thankfulness for the forgiveness that God had worked in them. Most of these that were so
affected were young people in their teenage years and early twenties. Many, I learned later, were markedly changed.
At other meetings across the country, however, I only saw the shallowest of experiences: many laughed, many walked
very strangely and many talked in disrespectful terms about the power of the Holy Spirit that was around them. When
they fell down, they would talk about doing “carpet time”, and the phrase “belly up to the bar of the Holy Spirit” was
uttered far too many times. The Lord spoke to me during those times, and He told me that this WAS a move of God,
but that it was a Saul revival: shallow and for the purpose of giving the people what they wanted. He would give
people what they wanted, and in most cases no more than they asked.

Many were united in their desire to have an experience with God. Many pastors were united in their desire to have a
larger church by giving people an experience with God. I saw few that just wanted more of Jesus Christ. Most were
satisfied to go to meetings and have experience after experience after experience. I saw some that said they wanted
more of Jesus, but all they talked about was the experience of being filled with laughter and how much carpet time they
had spent.

Along with the cries for revival has come an equally loud call for unity. The Charismatics are aware that the 120 in the
Upper Room on the Day of Pentecost were in one accord when the Holy Spirit came upon them. The Saul Church has
been striving for God’s people to “be in one accord” and to “bring the Body of Christ together in unity.” They have had
many seminars, camp meetings, conferences and prayer sessions, all in an effort to bring about unity and then revival.
They have filled football stadiums, auditoriums, city parks and downtown Washington D.C., but with little spiritual
impact on America.

The truth of the matter is that they HAVE come to be in “one accord.” They ALL believe that doctrine is not very
important and they ALL believe that all you need to do is love one another and have lots of prayer. They are in one
accord regarding the need for lots of prayer and unifying regardless of doctrinal positions. Church history, however,
teaches us differently. The Roman Catholic monks were in one accord with the Roman Catholic Church and prayed for
hours every day for more than a thousand years, and things only got worse!

The accord that they and everyone else needs to strive for is to be IN ONE ACCORD WITH GOD’S WORD! To
accomplish this, individuals must seek for the Lord Himself with all their hearts both in their time with Him in prayer and
in their time spent in the Scriptures. As men and women do just that, they can anticipate finding Him in all His glory and
He will pour out His Holy Spirit of love and power so that He may be glorified by His people. This prayer must be
couched in terms that make it clear that “whatever it takes Lord, bless us with the fullness of Yourself.” The Scripture
makes it clear that if we seek Him with ALL our heart, we WILL find Him and He will be glorified by our faith-filled love
and obedience.

It almost seems that as the Saul Church’s desire for unity has become stronger and stronger and has spread to more
and different religions, doctrine has became progressively less important and the Church has become much weaker.
The greater they have sought for unity the less powerful the Holy Spirit has been in their midst. This is not
coincidence. When you essentially dismiss what Scripture says in order to achieve unity, you are dismissing the Holy
Spirit also. The Charismatics have reached out to Methodists, Baptists, Possibility Thinkers, Christian psychologists,
Roman Catholics and anti-Trinitarians to complete the unity that they believe will bring down the power of the Holy
Spirit in Revival.

Many Reformed Christians and some Evangelicals have risen up and rejected this appeal to unity as being based on
tolerance of error at the expense of truth. Neo-Calvinists have increased dramatically over the last twenty-five years
and have rightly filled the internet with warnings against the systematic dismantling of Reformation truth.
Many of the sharp divisions that have occurred over the last twenty-five years seem to have come about after God’s
people began to pray for Revival. Because of this division and apparent confusion, the unity people have become
even more committed to unity and have loudly rebuked “divisive” critics who criticize the Charismatics for
compromising sound doctrine to achieve unity. These Charismatics claim and apparently sincerely believe that Satan
is behind most if not all the division and divisive people in the visible Body of Christ today.

Unfortunately these people have neglected a prominent Scriptural principle and a prophetic truth. Jesus says in
Matthew 10:34-35, “I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father and a
daughter against her mother.” Jesus spoke these words several years before His disciples were in one accord in the
Upper Room and experienced the mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit. The years preceding this tremendous revival were
years of division and turmoil. The words of Jesus had indeed become a sword. The remnant of disciples who followed
Jesus were divided from the Pharisees and the Sadducees. These two groups constituted the majority of religious life
in the nation of Israel. It is a sad fact that the only display of unity during the time of Jesus’ ministry was when the
Conservative Pharisees and Liberal Sadducees were united in their goal to have Jesus crucified and His followers
either destroyed or punished severely.

When we look at every revival since Pentecost, we see this principle operating. First the sword of the Word comes and
a small group of people who have hungry hearts for God are divided from those who are satisfied with the status quo
of their churches. Typically in all these culture shaking revivals, this small group of people or Remnant has been
vilified or ignored by the powers that ruled the existing churches.

The Word of God divided Martin Luther, Zwingli, John Calvin and others from the Roman Catholics, then the Lord
brought a measure of unity to the Protestants and His Church was revived and reformed. These men realized that “the
just shall live by faith” and that salvation came by the power of God and not by doing penance, paying for indulgences,
or any other work of man. They realized that the Roman Catholic Church was either dead or asleep and needed to be
revived and reformed. The priests and most Catholics refused to go along with reformation and revival because they
were basically satisfied with the way things were going.

The Early Methodists both Calvinist-Methodists and Wesleyan-Methodists, in England were desperately hungry for
peace and a joyful relationship with God and were not receiving much life giving ministry from the Church of England in
the 18th century. These men, led first by George Whitfield and then John Wesley, started the culture shaking revival
that changed the British Isles in the 18th century. This hungry remnant was considered unbalanced and was vilified or
ignored by most leaders and many members of the Church of England. Similarly in America, the Great Awakening
under Jonathan Edwards and others re-established the strength of the dying Church in the 13 colonies. The mighty
power of the Holy Spirit that literally knocked men and women over with deep conviction for their sins was dismissed
by the Church of England as merely an attack of “emotionalism.” Also, most ministers taught their congregations that
they really didn’t need to be “born again” as the preachers of The Great Awakening taught their listeners.

In the latter part of the 19th century, once again, men were concerned about the lack of spiritual life in the churches.
Particularly in the United States small groups emerged that were very hungry for God and desired to see His power
over Satan once again manifest in the supernatural gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit that existed in the New
Testament Church. Their prayers were answered by an outpouring on people who spoke in tongues and ministered
the gifts of healing and prophesied. As in earlier revivals, these “holy rollers” were either vilified or ignored by most in
the established churches. These churches did not believe that the supernatural power of God could flow through men
after the establishment of the Canon of Scripture. Neither did they believe that ministries such as apostle or prophet
could occur outside the New Testament Church time. These Pentecostal people became united in their desire to
preach what they called “the Full Gospel” and went on to touch the world with their message, and in many cases,
minister the fullness of the Holy Spirit to God’s people.

Historically we have seen that even in the new unity that God created, there were divisions in this unity. Even people
of revival have embraced wrong doctrine and have given men and their ideas more respect than God and His Word.
There typically has been, however, a unifying desire to see God move more deeply and effectively in His people. Often
there has been a unifying doctrinal thrust that characterized each revival movement.

Eventually, in any revival, men are driven out of and divided from the movement that needs revival, because at first it is
always a small group of people that hear God’s cry for His people to wake up to the truth.

Today we are seeing Division in the Body of Christ. We prayed for Revival and God is answering our prayers as He
always has - by separating out for Himself a people whom He will bring back to true life (REVIVE). He will only revive
people who realize their own lack of spiritual life. He will only revive a Church that knows it is spiritually near death or
asleep. Revival is only for people who are DESPERATE for help. Most in the Saul Church who pray for revival are
essentially satisfied with their own lives and the condition of the Church. All the Charismatics really want to do is see
more people “saved” and more non-Charismatics “filled with the Spirit.” They see no need for basic changes. They
really are not DESPERATE for Revival because they do not think that they are spiritually asleep or near death. What
they really want is for God to IMPROVE and expand what they already have. God will NEVER revive a people who are
self-satisfied and no longer hunger and thirst deeply for righteousness, either as individuals or the Church as a whole.
These people will not experience revival until they see that they need to be revived. Unfortunately the Saul Church is
content to re-define the word “revival” to mean church growth, larger budgets, more recognition by the world, the
election of a Christian president, or an exciting speaker for three or more consecutive days.

To be involved in God’s mighty Holy Spirit outpouring we MUST REALIZE that we are in desperate need of Life and
that we need to be separated from those who are satisfied with sleep or death. We must OPEN OUR EYES to see
what God wants and is doing. We must identify with Jesus and His Word, which is the sword, as it comes down and
divides God’s people by challenging them to repent of error and embrace truth. WE MUST CHOOSE to line up with
the One who is bearing the sword. Most importantly, we MUST REALIZE even before revival comes that IT IS GOD,
NOT SATAN who is causing much of the division.


Around twenty years ago as I was praying about an upcoming prayer meeting involving several churches, the Lord
gave me a vision and then explained the vision. He said that He was going to send a storm to His Church. He said
“Lightning will not awake the blind and thunder will not awake the deaf, but My sheep will hear My voice in the thunder
and see My purpose in the lightning. I will awaken with My thunder and shatter with My lightning. In the midst of the
lightning and thunder I will bring a driving rain, not to soften the earth for planting, but to CLEANSE the land. Those
who thirst for ME will drink and be cleansed. Those who are satisfied with the way they are will not drink, and will be
washed away. My lightning bolts will strike many who are called by My name and expose their lives of sin. My people
are asleep. They have been lulled to sleep by preachers of profit and comfort who feed them drugged desserts and
withhold the meat and EVEN the milk.”

In the vision I saw dark storm clouds rolling in very fast and furiously. Elohim Himself was thrusting many lightning bolts
earthward. He said, “Many will run for cover - because they fear the effect of My lightning and My thunder and the
exposure of their sins. But those WHO ARE MINE will let the lightning strike them, and do its work of death. Then they
will be raised up and do My works with power and with an electricity of life that results from being crucified to the world
and alive to Me. Others will come out from their safe dwelling places to see the lightning, but will not like it, and will
scurry back to their comfort. But the PEOPLE whose hearts are after Me will REJOICE in the storm that I bring. And
some will even CALL for the lightning to fall and will PRAY for the floods to come to cleanse My land.” The Lord made
it very clear that the storm He would send would come FROM HIM and NOT THE ENEMY.

In March of 1987, several weeks after the Lord spoke, we saw a storm hit the visible Body of Christ. We saw God start
to deal very personally. He dealt with a televangelist and his wife. We saw the lightning bolt of accusation hit this man
and in the brightness of its flash, illuminate his heart and deeds for all to see. We saw this man scurry from those
blasts to the convenient protection of his own self-righteous excuses and counter accusations. He could have been
humbled by this experience immediately and during this time pour out his heart in complete confession and true
repentance before the same people that he had failed: his television audience. But he chose not to. He could have
asked forgiveness from others whom he had compromised or betrayed because of his sinful lust and greed, but he did
not. He could have been like David and respond to the words of those who accused him with, “I have sinned against
the Lord.” This response could have been without rationalization or excuse. Instead, he responded like Saul. Initially
he grudgingly admitted to the facts that were irrefutable, but made excuses and denials as long as that served his
purposes. Then he took a vow of silence for the supposed purpose of peace and unity, but really for the preservation
of his own righteousness. If he would have stood firm and let the lightning bolt strike deep into his heart by publicly
repenting of his sins, God would have given him a NEW power in his life and ministry. He would have found that the
same electricity that illuminated and electrocuted him would have also empowered him.

Eventually, after years in prison and eventual release, he acknowledged and repented of the fact that he had taught a
gospel of prosperity that was not in Scripture. To the best of my knowledge, he did not publicly repent of many other
sins that he was apparently involved with, but he did seem to have a better attitude towards God and ministry. It was
not as complete a repentance as many wanted, but it has been a fairly good start. He has worked with homeless
people and consistently spoken against the unscriptural “prosperity” gospel. It is up to God to judge the true intents of
his heart.

Shortly after the exposure of this man and his wife, at a national meeting of a prominent Charismatic denomination,
one of the leaders exhorted the hundreds of pastors present to pray against the devil and the newspapers and other
media that exposed the activities of this televangelist. He believed this man and his ministry had been set up for
destruction by Satan and the media, and that we should all stand shoulder to shoulder with our brother who was being
attacked so viciously.

After this exhortation, I approached a district supervisor at the meeting and told him the word that God had shown us
shortly before the exposure took place. When I mentioned the part that said that God was the one who would expose
the sins of men in both high places and low places for the purpose of cleansing His Church, he was shocked. He
verbally chastised me severely and made it clear that what I spoke was definitely not from God, and that he would not
allow me to deliver that message.

In October of that same year, we witnessed the exposure of another popular televangelist. This fiery and sometimes
anointed preacher of holiness was shown to be a hypocrite. This man was extremely critical of men who fell into
adultery and was almost gleeful in his condemnation. Unfortunately for him, his own sexual relations with prostitutes
came to light. He was asked to step down from his position of authority by his denomination’s governing body. Even
though he uttered publicly the words “I have sinned,” he never felt that his years of sexual sin merited his temporary
removal from leadership in his denomination. Instead of submitting to the men over him, he decided to leave the
denomination and form his own work. His rationalization was that he was the one that God had called to supervise this
ministry of evangelism and telecommunications and if he quit, the work would fail. Eventually the work was essentially
destroyed and left without power because of his inability to recognize the depth of his sin and the dealings he was
experiencing from God Himself.

God’s lightning storm has sent bolts of lightning to many. He has dealt with and is dealing with His people in very
personal and very shocking ways. The bolts He is thrusting at us are to test us concerning our desire to repent and
become like Him. So many of us say that we want to be like Jesus, but when the Lord challenges us to forsake our sin
by sending us a lightning bolt (often in the form of a crisis or a clear-cut but difficult decision that we need to make) we
run from the lightning bolt and cling to our sin or our own will. Thus the true nature of our heart is exposed by His
illuminating flash.

In the denomination that I ministered in for eight years, we experienced the lightning bolts of God. We lost both a
divisional supervisor (an elder over five or six other churches) and a district supervisor (who shepherded the pastors of
over 130 churches). We lost both of these men because of their adulterous relationships. One of these men who had
slept with a number of women in his congregation refused to be corrected in any way and left the denomination along
with the people of his church. The district supervisor, however, completely acknowledged his sin before all 130 pastors
that he had shepherded. In no way did he blame his wife, or the woman he was involved with. Like David, he accepted
the exposure of his sin. He accepted his punishment of being removed from authority as just and merciful dealings
from God. I have heard that he has found success in other ministry and is considered to be a man of wisdom. I don’t
know what happened to the adulterous divisional supervisor.

With David the lightning bolt was the confrontation with the prophet Nathan. In Nathan’s simple story of a poor man
and his little sheep (see II Samuel chapter 12) David’s treacherous, lustful heart was exposed. David could have done
what many kings and religious leaders would have done. He could have called for the prophet to be thrown out or
killed. Or he could have been religious and said, “I understand what you are saying; I receive that Nathan. It took a lot
of courage for you to deliver that word to me. I will pray about it. By the way Nathan, don’t call me, I’ll call you.” Then
David could have continued to rationalize his sin and eventually he would have become another Saul and been judged
by God for his rebellion. But David chose to immediately, humbly, and repentantly submit to this terrible lightning bolt
from God. He chose to not only let the lightning expose His terrible sin, but he allowed the lightning bolt to smash right
into his heart and deliver its excruciatingly painful sentence of death to his pride. He chose to be dealt with by God
completely and immediately, without excuse. Why did David do this? Why was he different from Saul? It is because
David measured the worth of the Lord’s abiding presence and love against the desire to maintain his own pride and
self righteousness. In the end, David wanted God’s love more than he wanted to keep his own pride and self
righteousness. David’s pride was electrocuted but his heart was electrified and empowered to write one of the greatest
songs of God’s forgiveness, love and mercy - Psalm 51.

God is dividing the Davids from the Sauls. When lightning illuminated Saul’s rebellious, materialistic, and people-
pleasing spirit the best he could do was to make excuses. But in doing so he also excused himself out of the kingdom
of God, away from the abiding presence of the Lord, and into a life of being ruled by the spirit of rebellion that God had
attempted to put to death. He did not let the lightning into his heart to perform the required surgery. He ran from the
lightning because he loved the darkness more than the light. But as he ran from the dealings of God, he ran away from
God Himself. God then divided Saul from Himself and His kingdom by the lightning bolt He delivered through Samuel
the prophet.

The storms from God are for the purpose of setting apart (dividing) those who truly are called by His name. The
lightning bolts that hit prominent Christian figures will also fall with equal force on those of us who are not prominent.
The purpose, as with our leaders, is to give us an opportunity to put to death our sins of rebellion, self-justification and

All through the Body of Christ men and women are being challenged. The lightning bolts of God, either through
prophets, circumstances or a direct word from the Lord, are exposing monument building, dependence on money to
minister, fear of a spouse, the love of luxury and comfort that the world offers, lust, presumption, pride, rebellion, and
double-mindedness. We must not run from His lightning bolts! We must let Him illuminate the sin in our hearts and
electrocute our old man. We MUST be found among those who call for the lightning to come. And because we hate
our sin and our divided hearts, we must not care who sees us as we really are, ALL BECAUSE WE WANT TO BE


Years ago at a meeting of ministers, the Lord spoke to me about the need for Christians to judge righteous judgment.
He showed me a fountain gushing out of the earth and a stream that came forth from that fountain. From a distance the
fountain looked relatively clear. When I got closer to it, I could see debris in the fountain. The fountain contained clods
of dirt, tin cans, refuse, and garbage – but the debris did not make the water undrinkable, you just had to be careful.
Then I saw the fountain split and there were two fountains. One of the fountains was becoming clearer; there was less
and less debris and refuse as it continued streaming forth. The other fountain was getting more and more filthy until
eventually all that came out of it was a horrible smelling, sludge-like material. Eventually the smelly, sludge-like
material just stopped and that fountain ran dry. The stream that was getting progressively clearer became perfectly
clear and this stream flooded over everything and even the fountain of filth was swept away. Then the pure stream
became an ocean and covered the whole earth.

I asked the Lord the meaning of the vision and He said that the single undivided fountain and the stream that came
from it was the move of the Holy Spirit on the earth as it existed at the time of the vision. He said that the stream would
split into two streams, because He was going to bring division. He said that there would then be two “apparent” moves
of His Holy Spirit upon the earth. One stream, the stream that becomes progressively more pure, will be made up of
people who HONESTLY look at the stream of the Holy Spirit in their own lives and in the life of His Church. He said
that those who see the impurities (sins and unscriptural doctrines), acknowledge these sins and unscriptural doctrines,
confess these sins and unscriptural doctrines and repent of these sins and unscriptural doctrines will be a part of the
move of His Spirit and will become progressively more like Jesus. The stream that gets dirtier, until it is completely
filthy, is made up of people who will NOT see the impurities (sins and unscriptural doctrines) in their own lives or in the
life of the Church. These people will stubbornly choose NOT to let God’s Word and God’s men JUDGE their hearts
and doctrine. They will take the position that they do not need cleansing and that it is not necessary to JUDGE the
CHURCH with regards to matters of doctrine or the practices of its leaders and sheep. These people are SATISFIED
to remain in their current condition and are confident that God will put this unacknowledged and unrepented sin and
carnal ministry “under the Blood.” They feel sure that His love will cover their multitude of sins and poor doctrines.
These unrepentant, presumptuous people will become progressively more impure until they are totally defiled and the
movement that they are involved with will also become totally defiled.

The Lord said that soon He will raise up men who will expose the filthiness in the Church, both doctrinally and
personally. He said that it is NECESSARY that we listen to these men. Those who speak against and mock or
IGNORE them are in danger of being part of the FILTHINESSS described above. But all who fall on their faces before
God and repent of their terrible carnality, and cry out against the abominations that are being committed in His Holy
Temple will be spared the filth and the judgment that follows. In our day it will be as prophesied by Ezekiel in chapter 9,
““And the Lord said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, even through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on
the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations which are being committed in its midst.”” And
only these men were spared from the sword of judgment.

A year or two after the Lord showed me the fountain vision He showed me a grassy plain with a huge fault line
stretching off to the horizon. There were tens of thousands of people straddling this fault line when all of a sudden the
earth began to violently shake. The earth split in two and I could see some of the people jumping to one side and
others jumping to the other side But I could also see thousands who could not make up their minds. As the crack
widened these fell into the apparently bottomless crevice between the divided parts of the plain. One plain was rising
upward away from the other part as the split grew. As the one side was slowly rising I saw a man, who at the last
minute, realized that he had made the wrong choice. He leaped from the lower side towards the higher side. He tried to
grab hold of the higher side as it rose away from him, but all he could grab was a chunk of turf. This gave way and he
fell with the turf in his hand, screaming out to God as he fell. Then I saw a Hand reach down and catch him in mid air,
and place him on the rising side.

This vision is clear. We are in the first stages of a great division that God is performing. We are being FORCED by
God to choose THIS DAY whom we will serve. We are being given an ever clearer view of the impurity of the visible
Church and the great gulf that is beginning to form between two opposite viewpoints. One viewpoint, held by those
who emphasize unity at the expense of truth, is that everything is basically okay and we should just love one another in
spite of our differences, get together and pray and not be concerned about the unrighteousness that is so prevalent in
the Church. The other viewpoint held by the “divisive people” is that there is a desperate need for radical surgery in
the visible Body of Christ. We must recognize the need to mercifully expose sinful doctrines and stop trying to protect
sinful, unrepentant men. We must choose, as the “split” widens, which way we will jump. We must leap to the side
which is rising to a walk of holiness, a place of reigning, in purity and truth, with our Savior. And even if we have seen
the split, have been on the wrong side, and are falling fast, we must CRY OUT TO GOD for FORGIVENESS and
MERCY and TRUST HIM to catch us in His hand and plant us on the solid ground. From now on our spiritual lives
depend how well we discern God’s truth and choose to live according to God’s Word.
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