This book, for the most part, comes out of my observations of the Church and experiences with the Holy Spirit, while I
was a pastor in Southern California in the 1980’s. It was during this time that I wrote the first draft of this book. I
unsuccessfully attempted to get the book published in 1987. The title of that book was Reformation Not Renewal, and
the three major sections were the same sections that are in this book. In the last several years I have updated some
of the material to include events in the Church and revelations about the Church that God has given me since that
time. Probably 5-10% of the book comes from this later time. The chapter on “Religious Correctness” was written in
2007. Minor modifications and additions were made to the rest of the book including several visions that God has
subsequently given to me.
The first section of this book is essentially teaching and application from I Samuel that is pertinent to the Church of
Jesus Christ in America. Because of the tremendous influence that the American church has on the rest of the world, I
believe this book would benefit Christians from other countries also. This section is called “The Saul Church.” This
section refers to the thrust of the Church as it has existed during the last several generations.

The second section is called “Pearl Harbor” and is the bridge between the Saul Church of recent years and the David
Church which God is beginning to bring forth now and will bring forth fully in the future. This bridge is the events that
will happen and the truth that will be revealed as the Saul Church is set aside by God and the David Church emerges.
The Pearl Harbor section will include a number of visions that God has given me regarding how this change will come

The third section is called “The David Church” and is a teaching and discussion from I Samuel and church history
regarding God’s activity in great world changing revivals. This section will also describe the last day’s Church that will
embody a heart like David’s that sought after God for Himself and His glory, and will function in both supernatural
power and great supernatural love for Jesus Christ.

In the midst of the teachings from I Samuel, in both the first and third sections, are a number of revelations that God
gave me regarding the Saul Church today and the David Church of the future.

The major premise of the book is as follows: the Church as it exists today in the United States in particular and most
of the rest of the world is essentially backslidden and only a complete Reformation of God’s people by God Himself
will enable the Church to defeat the powerful spiritual enemy that we face in these last days. If we are to turn the
world upside down, we cannot do so without turning the church right side up. The Saul Church as it exists today has
undone much of the Reformation that occurred in the 16th century through the early part of the 20th century. We must
re-do the good that has been done, turn away from that which has been done in the flesh and complete and perfect
that which we have missed so far. We MUST go much deeper into the heart of God and the truth of His Word.

What remains of the current Church cannot be renewed because the Church has come to be almost completely out of
sync with God’s desires. Basically we are a Church that wants to please men. God wants a Church that has a heart
to please, first and foremost, Himself. This process of reformation will be, as always, accomplished by God with His
people cooperating because He has separated them and empowered them to do so.

When I first wrote this book twenty plus years ago many people, particularly Charismatics, were satisfied that a
renewal of the current Church would be both sufficient and pleasing to God. Over the last few years however, this
view has begun to shift. Many non-Charismatics have come to understand that the Church needs far more than a
renewal; these people believe that only a dramatic and complete Reformation will bring back health, power and a
sense of God’s pleasure to the Church. At this present time many Charismatics discount the Reformation of the 16th
century as being either unnecessary or divisive or both. They yearn to see ALL those who go by the name of Jesus
Christ, including Roman Catholics, to unite together regardless of doctrine.

This book also discusses the three principles that will define and unite the Church that is after God’s own heart. The
first principle is the belief that this Reformation can only be accomplished by a total and exclusive reliance on the truth
of Scripture. This can be summed up with the phrase, “We must trust the Word, the whole Word and nothing but the
Word.” The second is that those involved must be filled with the Holy Spirit and continue to seek to be filled with the
Holy Spirit. They must believe with all their hearts that “it is not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit saith the
Lord.” The third principle is that we must be correctable in both our doctrine and our conduct. We must listen carefully
and respond quickly when we are given plain truth from the Scriptures. We must also be quick to repent when we are
shown sin in our lives.

I also believe that it is important to give honor and tolerance for all of God’s people that have been used by Him to
expound truth and/or have ministered with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, regardless of egregious failures
in their lives or even in their teachings. John Wesley is one example. For many years, John Wesley taught that
Christians could be without sin on this earth. John MacArthur is another example. John still teaches that the
manifestly supernatural gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the New Testament are not for today.
These errors do not exclude either man from being great for God.
Many Spirit-filled Charismatics seem to feel that detailed study of the Scripture is unnecessary. They disdainfully refer
to seminaries that offer detailed teaching of the Scriptures as being “Cemeteries.” They scoff at the learning of these
men and have no desire to study the magnificent writings of men such as Martin Luther, John Calvin and Jonathan
Edwards. They don’t understand that the revelations that these men have received regarding the Scriptures were just
as anointed and spiritual as the gifts that they have received. Often they will make jokes about non-Charismatic
denominations and they merely criticize and give NO HONOR to the mighty works and mighty doctrinal revelations
that so many movements of the past have experienced and given to the Body of Christ.

Another issue that will be discussed throughout the book is that many Charismatics who see the miraculous, believe
that if a man or a woman has functioned in the miraculous, they are to be trusted in their doctrines or practices. Also
many Charismatics are unable to discern between true prophecies and false prophecies, true healings and false
healings, and true miracles and false miracles. Many believe virtually everything they hear or see. They never even
attempt to line up these ministries and “miracles” with the Word of God.

Unfortunately many of the non-Charismatic Evangelicals believe the Reformation should only be a restoration of the
truths that emerged in the first great Reformation. They completely deny or discount that the supernatural gifts and
ministries mentioned in the New Testament, particularly in I Corinthians and Ephesians, are to flow through and
amongst God’s people.

Unfortunately, even many so-called Charismatics have diluted the ministries of apostles and prophets to mean little
more than leaders of local churches and people who prophesy.

The Reformation Remnant that God will raise up is a people, who like David, recognized and honored the anointing
that God gave to King Saul, even though the Lord eventually took away that anointing and sent an evil spirit to
torment him. This Remnant must recognize and honor historical and current movements and men and women that
God has used and is using to restore New Testament doctrines and practices to His people. We must honor and
respect the Anabaptists who taught us about believer baptism and immersion. We must recognize and honor men
who taught us about the sovereignty of God. We must recognize and honor those who refreshed our minds regarding
the scriptural fact that we must be born again. We must recognize and honor those who showed us in the Word and
by example the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and work miracles through God’s people. We must recognize and
honor ALL those that have helped us to see the Scriptures more clearly regardless of their other doctrinal errors and
regardless of the sins that they committed.

During the Great Awakening in England in the 18th century, George Whitfield and John Wesley initially were close to
one another in the Holy Club at Oxford. But after a few years of ministry, they became divided on the issue of
Arminianism vs. Calvinism and their friendship cooled. Later, when George Whitfield was asked by someone whether
or not he thought that he would see John Wesley in heaven. He said, “No, I don’t believe I will.” The man said to him,
“Does that mean that you believe that John Wesley was not saved?” Whitfield replied, “Of course not! I will not see
him because he will be very close to the throne and I will be a far distance from him.” THIS attitude must prevail with
God’s people!

God WILL raise up a people who desire greatly and are satisfied only with the FULNESS of the Holy Spirit. This same
people will desire and be satisfied only with the FULLNESS of His Scriptures. They will wholeheartedly HONOR the
anointing and calling of His people throughout history and today. This book will give help in understanding how the
Saul Church will make the transition to the David Church and will give glimpses into what we should expect God to do
in the coming decades or centuries.
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