In the previous chapter we looked at I Samuel 22:1-2. In the Cave of Adullam we saw a remnant of 400 men who were
distressed, discontented and in debt. These men, with David as their leader, were the beginning of God’s greatest
work in the time of the kings. Those 400 men, who were once part of the Saul kingdom, were now a separated
remnant. God was literally RE-FORMING His Davidic kingdom, using the remnant (chips) from the Saul kingdom. In I
Samuel chapter 20:1-2 in the Cave of Adullam we see a RE-FORMATION of God’s people by God for the purpose of
bringing a purer and more powerful people forth from the masses in Saul’s kingdom. God was looking for a leader that
would be after His own heart and not the people’s heart. God was looking for a people, taught by this leader, who
would also love Him for His heart’s sake and not merely to satisfy their fleshly desires. We see in these Scriptures the
principle of Reformation as God prepares a people for the great task of cleansing the land of the enemy and
establishing His kingdom. The reformation started with Saul trying to kill David and driving him away from himself. It
did not end until years after Saul’s suicide. The Reformation of God’s people did not really end until David defeated
the last of Saul’s supporters and established a unified kingdom of all the tribes under the anointing and authority that
he received from God years earlier.

At the present time we are in the early stages of God’s current and probably last Reformation. Other Reformations
have occurred, but God will do it again. God’s re-formed people of the future will be a small Remnant who will wait and
watch as God continues to search for more people after His own heart. All Reformation times are difficult times for the
Church and only come about because spiritual darkness has blinded the existing churches. At such times the “ruling”
spiritual body, whether it is the Catholic Church of the sixteenth century or the Saul Church of the twenty first century,
always finds it virtually impossible to recognize the NEED for Reformation. Their desire is always to RENEW what
already exists. They are always promoting renewal and branding any idea of Reformation as coming from the devil.
The sixteenth and seventeenth century Catholics attempted to renew their church, in reaction to God’s Reformation,
but all they did was make it more appealing for people to remain in idolatry. The modern day Evangelicals and
Charismatics, particularly the Charismatics, are responding to the first stages of today’s Reformation with the same
spirit as the Catholics of the sixteenth century. They are trying to renew the Church as it exists and thus are resisting
the Reformation that God is doing and will most certainly bring to completion. Some refer to I Samuel 11:14 which
says, ““Then Samuel said to the people, “Come and let us go to Gilgal and renew the kingdom there.”” They are
trying to renew the Saul Church, which God has already rejected as being un-renewable. The Pentecostals did have a
renewal in the 1960’s-1970’s (in fact, they even gave themselves a new name - Charismatics) and that renewal very
likely WAS ordained by God. The Saul Church will NOT be renewed again.

Reformation is totally different than renewal. Renewal, even in its most radical form, is a restoration and refining of the
existing Church. As was just mentioned, this is exactly what happened in the so-called Catholic Reformation of
hundreds of years ago. Re-formation occurs when the basic structure MUST BE CHANGED! The Saul Church, the
visible, Evangelical, Charismatic Church of today, is quite literally in no condition to be renewed or restored.
The Church must and will be re-formed into a new structure by God Himself. Just as He took a Remnant from Saul’s
kingdom and reformed them into a kingdom under a man who was after His own heart, and just as He took a Remnant
from the Roman Catholic Church of the sixteenth century and re-formed them, using divisive protestors such as
Luther, Calvin, Knox and others, into the Protestant Reformation, so in these last days, in the twenty-first century, God
is taking a Remnant from the Saul Church and will reform them into the David Church which will be a Church for His
own glory. There will be no more Gilgals. There will only be Adullam’s caves, the mighty that fall slain on Mt. Gibron,
separation, and spiritual battles between Saul’s followers and David’s followers until God brings His victory to the
ones whose hearts are after Himself.

Those who continue in their campaign to renew the existing Evangelical and Charismatic Churches will be placed in
the same category as were the Catholics of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The Catholic priests and leaders
who fought anti-renewal proponents such as Martin Luther and John Calvin were found to be fools who were only
fighting God. Many of the Saul Church leaders of our day will also choose to resist God’s Reformation. These leaders
may continue to receive the praises of men, as many popes did, but they will NOT receive the approval of God.

The Reason for the Shaking: When the Tall Buildings Fall

In the spring of 1993 there was a man who had prophesied a physical earthquake to occur in the Portland area and
many Christians heard that prophecy or read about it in the newspapers. Some churches also received letters
articulating that prophecy. This prophecy was very specific and mentioned a particular day that the earthquake would
destroy Portland. The day came and went, and no earthquake occurred.

Shortly after this time, God gave me a vision of a great shaking where I saw many tall buildings come crashing to the
ground. He made it clear to me that this was not a physical earthquake but a spiritual earthquake and He would be the
one who would orchestrate the event. God showed me a surrealistic view of the downtown skyline from a bridge
passing over the Willamette River. The buildings stood tall, straight and imposing. The scene was very similar to what
we saw in New York several years earlier in the financial district. I saw many people walking in the shade of these
buildings. The sun shined brightly and with great strength behind the buildings, but the people were shaded from the
hot, penetrating rays. I asked the Lord what that meant and He said, “These tall buildings are blocking the light of the
sun and the warmth of the sun from touching My people.” He said that the sun was in fact the Sun of Righteousness,
Jesus Christ. He told me that it was important that I pray that these tall buildings would fall down, even though these
PEOPLE. There must be nothing between His Son and His people. He must be seen in all His Awesome Glory. He
said that His people had been shaded from the Son of Righteousness for decades by these imposing structures and
that it was important that this blocking of the sun be removed. He said that there were people that would never pray
for the buildings to come down because they enjoyed their cool shade and did not really care to look upon His Son
directly. He said there were others who would desire deeply to look upon His Son directly and that these people would
pray for the buildings to collapse. They would be blinded to the things of the world by the brightness of the light but
they would see Him more clearly than they had ever seen Him before. The others who did not want the buildings to fall
would be blinded to the presence of the Son of God when the buildings fell, but they would see even more clearly the
world in all its glory, fascination, pain and confusion.
These buildings have provided comfort from the harsher elements of the light of Jesus Christ, but still enabled His
people to bask in the cool shadows and experience the comfort that this shade brings. The height of these buildings
may indicate how impressive they are to many people in the Church.

At one time I thought that it was the wealth that we Christians in America have experienced and the temptations that
come from holding and seeking this wealth. I thought that perhaps the falling down of the buildings represented a
collapse of the financial system in America. In my vision, the buildings certainly did remind me of the gigantic financial
buildings in the Wall Street district of New York City.

As we have watched events unfold in America over the last two years, it seems that the fall of these tall buildings
COULD represent the collapse of CAPITALISM. This financial system as used in America has been a great gift from
God, but both the secular world and the Church of Jesus Christ have abused this system. Basically both the secular
and the spiritual worlds have used this system NOT for the glory of God, but to selfishly bless themselves. The
Church has built thousands of very costly edifices that in some ways have become monuments to the success of the
builders. This has been especially true in the last forty years. God seems to be in the process of bringing this system
down. If He is doing so, it is because not only the Church has used this system to bless itself, but mainly because the
comforts they have derived from this system have blocked out the pure and perfect light of the presence of Jesus
Christ Himself. We have used the blessings of this system to block out the Sun of Righteousness.

I believe, however, that millions of Christians would gladly trade their comforts and even their provisions for the
abiding and illuminating presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. They desire to experience the warmth of His love and the
brightness of His Being even if they will lose the comforts of this present life.

I KNOW the vision was from God. I know that the tall buildings will collapse. I know that these buildings have blocked
the people of God from the light and the warmth of the Son of Righteousness. What that represents will be made clear
in the future. What I have given you is my opinion as to what these things mean.

Often in both the Old and the New Testament, no such interpretation is given by the prophet who delivers the Word of
God to God's people. In the New Testament in the Book of Revelation, John does not specifically interpret most of his
prophecy. In the Letters to the Seven Churches this is especially true.

The prophet often does not know when and in some cases how these events will unfold. Often he does not know
exactly what the images represent that he sees depicted. It is a grievous error for one who delivers prophetic
utterances to always interpret the images that God speaks through him. SOMETIMES God does give the one who
prophecies the interpretation of the image, vision or word, but often He does NOT give the interpretation of the vision.
It is important that the prophet NOT give his own interpretation of the Word of God except that the interpretation has
been revealed to him by God. Many prophecies that I have read, by men who see visions, seem correct until these
men start to interpret these visions. Often it is my sense that they were not given the interpretation by God, but they
were given the vision by God. The hardest thing for God’s visionaries to do is to know when to stop. Some prophets
are good SEE-ers of visions but have not been given the interpretation by God but feel that it is necessary to explain
what the vision means, and then do so out of the flesh and NOT by the Spirit.

People today are still arguing and discussing and contemplating and surmising and speculating on whether or not God
will come before the Tribulation, in the middle of the Tribulation or after the Tribulation. Often their interpretation of
these events is given as gospel truth. Their human investigation has confirmed in their own hearts that they have
received divine guidance regarding the exactitude of interpretation of many Bible events. Whether one is an interpreter
of visions and prophecies that God gives to him or whether he is an interpreter of prophetic Scripture regarding what
will happen in the future he MUST clarify that, a) he has received a direct revelation from God confirming that his
interpretation is correct, b) he feels strongly from the evidence of Scripture that this is the correct interpretation, or c)
his observation is an educated speculation. When the interpreter of prophecy presents his material in such a way as
to virtually guarantee its accuracy, IF HE IS WRONG, he is functioning in the same way that a false prophet functions.
He is essentially saying “thus saith the Lord: this interpretation is the gospel truth.” A TRUE prophet or interpreter of
prophecy will always separate revelation from speculation and identify speculation for what it is.

The Result of the Shaking: God’s Hand on His Church

In the 1980’s the Lord showed me a vision of what He is doing in His Church. He showed me how He is RE-FORMING
His Church. He showed me a medieval-style cylindrical castle made of stones. It looked like a huge, stone, grain silo.
This cylindrical castle reached ten stories high into the sky and could be seen clearly at a great distance. The Lord
identified this castle as the Saul Church as it exists today. Then there was a terrible earthquake and shaking. Not only
did the ground shake but the Lord laid His own hands on the ten story castle and shook it. The castle shook from
bottom to top until all of the stones tumbled down and there remained only a large pile of stones. Then the Lord picked
up the stones and started to separate them. He threw most of them away; however, He began to build with those that
remained. By the time He was through, I could see a stone castle (with the same cylindrical shape) that was one story
in height. All of the other stones were on the garbage heap. The one story castle was much shorter and less
conspicuous than the original castle, but it looked much more solid and was much wider than it was tall. It appeared to
be unshakable. This building was God’s Church that was after His own heart that He had re-formed for HIS own use,
using the stones of the Saul Church.

The TRUE unity of His people will be accomplished by a great shaking, a division of the stones and a consequent RE-
FORMATION. The true Church or Remnant will be only a small percentage but it will be virtually unconquerable and
unable to be compromised. This is the David Church, built on the unshakable foundation of having a heart wholly after
God for Himself alone, a heart that is correctable and will do all of His will.
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