Those in the Church of Jesus Christ who apprehend the Pearl of Great Price and burst forth out of the waters of Pearl
Harbor will be a magnificent, deeply anointed Church. As stated earlier, this anointing will be a deep anointing, similar
to the one that David experienced, because this Church is chosen by God and is after His own heart. This Church, will
obviously need to have a much deeper anointing than the shallow, self-seeking Saul Church. However, the depth and
the magnitude of the anointing that this Church will experience is determined by yet another factor. Pearl Harbor will
usher in the last Church Age. New and deeper anointing, understanding, and vision will accompany this last days
overcoming Church. In order for us to fully comprehend this new factor we must digress for awhile and look at some
pertinent church history.

In Galatians 2:9 Paul tells us that Peter, James and John were reported to be PILLARS of the Early Church. These
were the three apostles that were closest to our Lord. They were with Him both on the Mount of Transfiguration and in
the Garden of Gethsemane. James was martyred early yet the Lord still decided to have three pillar apostles during
the Apostolic Age. Paul, who was an apostle “untimely born”, replaced him. The three names, Peter, Paul and John
stand far above the others as the three pillar apostles of the New Testament Church.

Peter was the foundation apostle, the Rock apostle, upon whose confession the Church was built. The Lord said to
him, “upon this rock I will build My church.” Peter’s name means rock. He was the PASTOR-APOSTLE to whom the
Lord said, “Tend my lambs...shepherd My sheep...tend My sheep” (John 21:15-17). He was the leader of the apostles
in the Upper Room. He was their spokesman on the Day of Pentecost. So great was his anointing that when his
shadow passed over the sick they were healed. He was the apostle of the circumcision. His influence eventually was
felt even in the capitol city of the Roman Empire.

Paul was the second apostle to gain great influence in the Early Church. He was the apostle to the Gentiles; the great
EVANGELIST/TEACHER-APOSTLE who spread the Gospel throughout the known Gentile world and received and
formulated the life-bringing doctrines concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He taught that the just are saved by faith
alone. He was a Rabbi-scholar with a fine, well-trained intellect. His teaching demanded more from the mind than did
Peter’s teaching. Peter recommended Paul’s letters but, concerning them, cautioned that there were “....some things
hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort”.... (II Peter3:16).

Mark3:17 says “… to them (the brothers James and John) He gave the name …Sons of Thunder… John, one of the
Sons of Thunder, did not become preeminent until after the martyrdom of both Peter and Paul. During the foundation
time of Peter and the expansion time of Paul, John is virtually unheard of in Scripture. However, this PROPHET-
APOSTLE eventually emerged as the overseer of the seven churches in Asia Minor and his writings proved to be even
deeper than those of his pillar predecessors. Philip Schaff, an historian of church history in the nineteenth century
wrote of John,

“He was waiting in mysterious silence, with a reserved force, for his proper time, which did not come till Peter and Paul
had finished their mission. Then, after their departure, he revealed the hidden depths of his genius in his marvelous
writings, which represent the last and crowning work of the Apostolic Church.

John has never been fully fathomed, but it has been felt throughout all the periods of church history that he has best
understood and portrayed the Master, and may yet speak the last word in the conflict of ages and usher in an era of
harmony and peace. Paul is the heroic captain of the Church militant, John the mystic prophet of the Church

Peter was the man of action, Paul was the man of the mind, but John was the mystic seer of the Spirit. Peter
established the Church. Paul preached the Gospel of the kingdom. But John prophesied, experienced and knew the
revelation of Jesus Christ Himself. Peter did not speak to us at all in Scripture of the third heaven and the glories of
God. Paul spoke of being lifted into the third heaven and experiencing these glories, but he could not reveal to us what
they were. John, however, was commissioned to relate to us, with the eyes of a seer, activities in the third heaven that
Paul was not allowed to share. John is given the liberty to describe the descending city of God, His throne room, and
even the glorified Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

John’s influence in the Early Church lasted for several decades after his death. Then, from the early post-apostolic
days to the Protestant Reformation starting in 1517, we see that one apostle stands out above the others. That man is
Peter. He is the apostle to whom the Early Church paid greatest homage. Even the apostate Roman Catholic Church
considered him their first Pope. They even named their greatest cathedral in his honor. His simple, energetic spirit
typified the best of the early period in church history. The shepherd-apostle Peter and his confession became the rock
on which centuries of holy and unholy men built the Church. For several hundred years this early Church strengthened
God’s people but then for over one thousand years the apostate Catholic Church deeply weakened men and women
who sought God.

In 1517 God poured through the heart of one man, Martin Luther, a church shattering revelation. That revelation was
“the just shall live by FAITH.” The Church was no longer the issue to the Reformers. The Reformation of the sixteenth
century was built not on the Church but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No longer was Peter the preeminent pillar
apostle of God’s people. Paul, because of pen, parchment and the Holy Spirit of God, was able to explode the Gospel
of Jesus Christ in millions of minds during those Reformation times. Paul, the evangelist/teacher apostle would now
instruct Christians for the next four or five hundred years. Paul’s Gospel had been all but dead for century after
century after century, but in 1517 God breathed His Word to and through a man who would be the first of many men
through whom God would speak the message of salvation by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ alone. Many men
of mighty mind and insight would be raised up by our Lord to explain and plumb the depths of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Along with Luther, God used John Calvin, John Owen, John Bunyan, and others to teach us this once lost
truth. God also raised up evangelists to preach this Gospel of freedom. George Whitfield, John Wesley, Jonathan
Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, and many others preached the Gospel with great spirited force. Not since
the days of Paul the apostle had the world heard the Gospel preached with such purity, power, and perseverance.
Men and women were taking this “new” Gospel to the ends of the earth. Paul’s Gospel literally transformed and
reformed the Church of Jesus Christ into a new and dynamic spiritual force. Reformed scholars who had been touched
by this gospel-reformation spirit began to study the Scriptures and expound on the Bible in ways not seen since
apostolic times. The Pauline spirit had captivated the Church, and Paul, the apostle of the Gospel, was without a
doubt the apostle who typified the Protestant Reformation. Those who were revived by this Gospel message have
been called “Evangelicals” in honor of the Gospel or Good News of Jesus Christ. Even as Peter typified the First
Church Age, so Paul typified the Second Church Age.

Today we are on the verge of a Reformation which will bring about the new and final Church Age. God’s people are
about to experience a new and deep anointing and sense of God’s presence never before experienced. Even as Paul’
s anointing was deeper than Peters, and the Protestant anointing was deeper than the Early Petrine anointing, so the
anointing of the last days Church, the Church that John typifies, will be deeper than the preceding two. This third and
final Church Age will not be dominated by the concept of either the Church of Jesus Christ or the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, but by the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Neither His flock nor His message will be preeminent, but HE, HIMSELF,
will be preeminent. The Person of Jesus Christ, the ever expanding revelation of Jesus Christ, will be exploded in our
hearts by the Holy Spirit. Even as Paul’s message was incomprehensible to the Catholic Church for hundreds of years
until the first Reformation, so John’s message, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, has been incompre-hensible to many of
us in the Age of the Gospel. But it is the time of the end, and God is even now beginning to unveil His Word to us.
Eventually we will be anointed to have eyes, like John, to see the kingdom of heaven in all His glory. We will be
anointed by God to experience His love and to love Him like John, with our heads resting on His bosom, close to His
heart. The anointing of the shepherd apostle Peter was on the Church for a short season and then left and the Church
fell into apostasy for over one thousand years. The anointing of the apostle Paul (the teacher & evangelist) was on
God’s people for four hundred years, and is now leaving, and the people once again are heading towards apostasy.
The anointing of the prophet apostle John, however, will rest on God’s people until the Bridegroom returns.
Pearl Harbor will be more than a revival. It will be a Revival/Reformation. It will be the last Revival/Reformation. Those
in this Revival/Reformation who endure to the end will have the anointing of David and the anointing of John. They will
have the anointing of the prophet/king, the anointing of the prophet/apostle. They will have the anointing of the SEER
who SEES the spiritual realm as David partly and passionately saw. They will have the anointing of John who saw
even more than David as he stood with the glorified Jesus Christ both on the Island of Patmos and in the heavenly
throne room.

The anointing that is on this last days Church or last age Church will certainly be the anointing of John. But this
anointing of John is twofold. Most certainly John was the apostle of love. Of the three pillar apostles, John was the
one who was closest to the heart of our Lord. He was the disciple whom Jesus loved. He was the disciple to whom
Jesus entrusted His mother. Two images of love that come immediately to our mind are first, John laying his head on
the bosom of our Lord, and second, John speaking these words, “Little children, love one another.” But there is
another aspect of John’s anointing that is summed up in the surname given to him by our Lord, in the Gospel of Mark.
Jesus calls him and names him: “Son of Thunder.” Undoubtedly this was, as Philip Schaff says,
“ epithet of honor and foreshadowed his future mission, like the name Peter given to Simon. Thunder to the
Hebrews was the voice of God. It conveys the idea of ardent temper, great strength and vehemence of character...The
same thunder which terrifies does also purify the air and fructify the earth with its accompanying showers of rain. Fiery
temper under the control of reason and in the service of truth is as great a power of construction as the same temper,
uncontrolled and misdirected, is a power of destruction.”

John was both the apostle of love and the thundering prophet. No other apostle or disciple carried the mantel of
prophet so graciously and so dynamically as John. As a Seer his vision spanned from before the beginning of time to
after the end of time. He saw back to before the creation when he tells us that, “In the beginning was the Word, and
the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” He also saw beyond the end of time to the beginning of eternity as
he describes “a new heaven and a new earth... (Where) the Lord God, the Almighty, and the Lamb are its temple. And
the city has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine upon it, for the glory of God has illuminated it, and its lamp is
the Lamb.”

As a prophet John rebukes, exhorts, warns, and comforts throughout his writings but especially in The Revelation. We
too, the Church of the last age, will carry the mantel of prophet and have the heart of love. We too will have this two
fold anointing.

As we look back on the differences between the Catholic Church of the fifteenth century and the Reformation Church
of the sixteenth through twentieth centuries, we see that the light of the Reformation Church was almost unbelievably
brighter than that of its predecessor, even at the high point of the Early Church. We can expect that the light of the
Church of the new Reformation, the last reformation, the David-John Reformation, will be even greater in difference
than that of the Protestant Reformation’s light. Unfortunately, to the unadapted or unadaptable eye great light
produces great blindness. Even as the Catholics of the sixteenth through the twenty-first centuries have been blinded
by the light of the Reformation and even now still remain blind, so the majority of the first Reformation Church will be
blinded by the great light of the New Revival/Reformation that God will bring to His Body except they desire with all
their hearts to fully apprehend God regardless of WHATEVER IT TAKES! With the compassion and severity of John
we must understand that this blindness will occur. We must have compassion and not be condemnatory, but we must
also severely and uncompromisingly cling to the Word as He is being revealed to our hearts through the Scriptures.
Even as John was uncompromising and severe in his gospel, his letters, and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, so we too
must steadfastly practice, preach, and prophesy what the Lord reveals to us. Philip Schaff discusses this temperament
of John,

“(John) had no doubt a sweet and lovely disposition, but at the same times a delicate sensibility, ardent feelings, and
strong convictions. These traits are by no means incompatible. He knew no compromise, no division of loyalty. A holy
fire burned within him, though he was moved in the deep rather than on the surface. In the Apocalypse, the thunder
rolls loud and mighty against the enemies of Christ and His kingdom, while on the other hand there are in the same
book episodes of rest and anthems of peace and joy and a description of the heavenly Jerusalem, which could have
proceeded only from the beloved disciple. In the Gospel and the Epistles of John, we feel the same power, only
subdued and restrained. He reports the severest as well as the sweetest discourses of the Savior, according as he
speaks to the enemies of the truth, or in the circle of the disciples. No other evangelist gives us such a profound inside-
view of the antagonism between Christ and the Jewish hierarchy, and of the growing intensity of that hatred which
culminated in the bloody counsel; no apostle draws a sharper line of demarcation between light and darkness, truth
and falsehood, Christ and Anti-Christ, than John. His Gospel and Epistles move in these irreconcilable antagonisms.
He knows no compromise between God and Baal. With what holy horror does he speak of the traitor, and the rising
rage of the Pharisees against their Messiah! How severely does he in the words of the Lord attack the unbelieving
Jews with their murderous designs, as children of the devil! And, in his Epistles, he terms everyone who dishonors his
Christian profession a liar; everyone who willfully sins a child of the devil; and he earnestly warns against teachers
who deny the mystery of the incarnation, as Anti-Christs, and he forbids even to salute them. The measure of his love
of Christ was the measure of his hatred of Anti-Christ. For hatred is inverted love. Love and hatred are one and the
same passion, only revealed in opposite directions. The same sun gives light and heat to the living, and hastens the
decay of the dead.”

Even John’s ministry as the Apostle of Love is different than the Church of today understands. Again I quote Philip

“John’s Christianity centers in the idea of love and life, which in their last root are identical. His dogmatics are summed
up in the word: God first loved us; his ethics in the exhortation: therefore let us love Him and the brethren. He is justly
called the Apostle of Love. Only we must not understand this word in a sentimental way, but in the highest and purest
moral sense. God’s love is His self-communication to man; man’s love is a holy self-consecration to God. We may
recognize, in rising stages of transformation, the same fiery spirit in the Son of Thunder who called vengeance from
heaven; in the apocalyptic seer who poured out the viles of wrath against the enemies of Christ; and the beloved
disciple who knew no middle ground, but demanded undivided loyalty and whole-souled devotion to his Master. In him
the highest knowledge and the highest love coincide: knowledge is the eye of love, love the heart of knowledge; both
constitute eternal life, and eternal life is the fullness of happiness. The central truth of John and the central fact in
Christianity itself is the incarnation of the eternal Logos as the highest manifestation of God’s love to the world. The
denial of this truth is the criterion of Anti-Christ.”

John’s message of love is summed up in yet another way in John14:23, “....if anyone loves Me, he will keep My word;
and My Father will love him, and We will come to him, and make Our abode with him. He who does not love Me does
not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father’s who sent Me.” The love that John
speaks of, as manifested by believers and by God, Himself, is absolutely manifested in terms of obedience. As was
written in an earlier chapter, the great division will be made clear by one fact: those who believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ enough to obey Him from their heart, because of their love for Him, will be on one side, His side. Those who do
not believe in Him enough to obey Him will be on the other side, the side of Anti-Christ.

Another division will take place between those who will not let go of this world. John spoke of the relationship of the
believer and this world more than any other Biblical writer. John was aware that we are not of this world. And those
who would EXPERIENCE to the utmost the other realm, the spiritual realm, the unveiled kingdom of God, will have to
force their attention away from the attractions of the world. The realm of the kingdom of God will become more and
more clear, more and more real, to those who will let go of the worldly realm and focus their attention, their energies,
their devotion and love on the unveiled heavenly realm. Even as John was the most familiar of all the apostles with the
heavenly realm, so the Pearl Harbor Church of the last days will be the most familiar with the heavenly realm. But it is
imperative that we tear ourselves away from this disintegrating mist of a world. John dwelt in the mystic realm of the
kingdom of God and related those experiences and that knowledge more compellingly than any other man. As we tear
ourselves away and as we let God show us just how shallow and deadly this world is, we will SEE as John SAW.
The Pearl Harbor Church will have to be patient, even as John was patient. Philip Schaff says,

“(John) had to wait til the church was ripe for his sublime teaching. This is intimated by the mysterious word of our
Lord to Peter with reference to John: If I will that he tarry til I come what is that to thee? John out lived it personally and
his type of doctrine and character will outlive the earlier stages of church history (anticipated and typified by Peter and
Paul) til the final coming of the Lord. In that wider sense, he tarries even til now and his writings with their unexplored
depths and heights still wait for the proper interpreter. THE BEST COMES LAST!”

Without a doubt the progressive unveiling of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be the BEST. It must have been
wonderful to be a part of the Church during the early days. It surely was even more magnificent to comprehend the
Gospel of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ with the first Reformers. But to be a part of the generation to whom The
Revelation of the GLORIFIED Jesus Christ in all His majestic, holy and awesome glory comes, is surely the crowning
and appropriate consummation. Even as Peter separated her from the world and Paul clothed her with the
righteousness of Christ, so John sets the crown upon the bride’s head by opening her eyes to SEE the Lord in all His
glory, and opening her heart to KNOW Him and LOVE Him completely.

But for now, we must wait. John waited until his time, which was after the departure of Peter and Paul. David waited in
the Cave of Adullam, figuratively, until the departure of Saul. So too must we wait until God brings our second storm
[AUTHOR'S NOTE--When I first wrote this book back 1988-1989 the second storm seemed to be far in the future.
However, as dark events in America rapidly progress, I have come to believe that the second storm is here NOW, and
that the next phase will be the vicious attack of the civil war cannons from the left which will do terrible damage to the
sleeping soldiers that would not go to the wall and warn others. (PLEASE SEE Chapter 16 Second Storm Warning)].
Until God simultaneously finishes the pre-eminence of the Age of Paul and the Church of Saul with Pearl Harbor, we
must be patient. But we must also understand that as we wait for the refining fires that God will bring upon the people
who are called by His name, EVEN NOW, God is beginning to plunge His true Body deep into the waters of His Word.
Even, as in some future day, when the Church sinks and dives deeply into the waters of great tribulation to apprehend
the Pearl of Great Price, so now we are being called to plunge into the Word of God to apprehend the full Revelation
of Jesus Christ, the Pearl of Great Price. As we unconditionally plunge into those unfathomed depths, the Lord will
begin and even now is beginning to open our John-eyes and our John-hearts, and even thunder through our John-
mouths to see, and love, and speak as the thundering prophet/apostle of love.

When we individually and collectively apprehend with our dying breaths the Pearl of Great Price, fully seeing and
knowing The Revelation of Jesus Christ, THEN this great Body will explode from the waters of her Pearl Harbor
baptism with the anointing of John. THIS will be the Church that fully abides in the Revelation and this is the Reformed
Body of Jesus Christ. THIS will be the Church to whom the Scripture in the Gospel of John truly applies, “Truly, truly I
say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and GREATER works than these shall he do;
because I go to the Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the
Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it. If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, ask whatever you
wish and it shall be done for you. TRULY, TRULY, I SAY TO YOU HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME, THE WORKS THAT I
resurrected/reformed Body of Christ will go forth in the mighty manifested power of Peter, the understanding of Paul,
and the eyes and heart of John, ultimately ushering in the kingdom of David that will reign forever, the kingdom of our
Lord Jesus Christ.

It is important to note that each Church Age had a different emphasis on the Person of Jesus Christ. The first Church
Age that was dominated by the Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodoxy often depicted Jesus Christ as an infant. The
second Church Age dominated by the Reformers, Evangelicals and Pentecostals emphasized the earthly ministry of
Jesus Christ, particularly His death on the cross and the tremendous benefits His death and resurrection made
available to God’s people. The coming Church Age, the Age of John, will emphasize the glorified Jesus Christ that
stands among the seven churches, is at the right hand of God and will come as a Conqueror. This is not the meek and
mild babe that lays in a manger fresh from Eternity, nor is it the gentle Shepherd who lays down His life in love to
please the Father and redeem a people for Himself. This glorified Jesus Christ is a Being that engenders both great
FEAR and great LOVE and is a terror to His enemies. We have much to learn about this Jesus Christ the Word of God
and we will learn about Him before the culmination of this last age for God’s people on this earth.
I have wondered when the Age of John or the David Church will emerge, and I have prayed and thought on this
subject often. I still have no answers but I have noticed two things. First of all, events in this world seem to indicate
that the world doesn’t have much time left. On the other hand from history, I see that when the Church fell into the
apostasy of Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, a Dark Age took over the Church and most of the western
world. That Dark Age lasted for about 1,000 years.

I pray that the world and the Church will not fall into a nuclear Dark Age that lasts for hundreds of years. I don’t think
that this will happen, but I don’t know what it will take to wake up God’s people.
I've thought a lot about what I have seen in the visions that the Lord has given me and the revelations that He has
poured into my heart in the last 25 years. I believe that I have come up with a few things that are of paramount
importance as I end this book.

Everything is moving much more quickly than I ever imagined. I always assumed that the events of warning, judgment,
and great power to the church would take scores and scores of years. I felt that the process might even take as long
as three or four hundred years. I felt that the time of warning could last for as long as 100 or 200 years.
In the Scriptures, Judah was warned for more than 150 years that great judgment would come if the nation did not

However, as I watch things unfold so rapidly, I am filled with a great sense of urgency. I fear that I have been too late
in publishing this book. In the last few years I have heard and read numerous other warnings of the storm but I believe
the storm has now already broken over the Body of Christ. I see that the civil war cannons from the Left in this country
are already poised to unleash terrible damage, death, and judgment on the sleeping soldiers in the Church. This
devastating attack seems imminent.

I am terribly concerned about those Christians who believe that God will come and bail his people out of great
tribulation. I am concerned that there is not a desire in the people of the Lord to be counted worthy to suffer for His
namesake. I am also concerned that so many Christians are completely oblivious to the fact that God would even
judge His people.

God has always used nations and men to judge his people. I believe that He has raised up men and women that have
embraced Marxism, Communism and radical socialism to lead our country. I believe He will use these people to
execute judgment on the Church of Jesus Christ in particular and the nation as a whole. I believe that someday even
politicians that are now conservative will gladly join in condemning God's people in America.

I am MOST concerned that the Church as a whole seems completely oblivious to the fact that we are the ones most
responsible for the demise of our nation and the coming judgment that we will surely experience. All these concerns
are legitimate. However, I do realize that only a small percentage of people who call themselves Christians will survive
spiritually to be a part of the great Body of Believers in Christ that emerge from the waters of Pearl Harbor.
I exhort you with this last final urgent exhortation: prepare your hearts, your lives, your minds and your souls so that
you will be contributors to the greatest Revival and Reformation that the world has ever seen!
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